Updated June 14, 2024.

Working on upcoming travel plans

I’ll be heading to Milan for a few days this summer. It will be my first visit to Italy and I’m so excited. Are there any hidden gems I should know about?

This will also be my first time experiencing an Emirates flight. I’ve heard they are incredible.

This autumn, I’m looking at Vegas for a couple of concerts. Who wants to meet me for some shenanigans?

Lots of introspection

This past year I’ve been very reflective. I’ve been asking myself things like: Do I like how I spend my days? What makes me really feel alive? What actions can I take to make a more positive impact in the world?

Playing with clay

Two years ago I took a pottery class and I’ve been going back ever since. It’s so difficult and there’s so much to learn! Little by little, I’m getting better.

Crazy coincidence, the village my great-grandfather emigrated from in Lebanon is known for its pottery.

Thanks Derek for the idea of a now page.