January 21-Day Choose You Now Challenge

To prepare, Julieanna recommends the following things:

  1. Write down your number one intention for what you would like to gain from this 21-day challenge.
  2. Write down your number one top obstacle to freedom with your relationship with food, diet, health, and/or your body.
  3. Write down exactly what you want, what you envision for yourself once you felt in the driver’s seat of your food, diet, and/or body. What does it feel like, look like? Do you want to ameliorate any health concerns, improve energy, feel mastery, feel comfortable and confident in your body, etc. Anything and everything you have ever wanted with respect to your health and body image. Write it down. This is for your eyes only so make it as visceral, detailed, and real as possible.

Week 1

  • Flesh out your WHY
  • Write your PLAN
  • Begin/Amend Emotional To Do Lists
  • Obstacles
  • Julieanna’s Mindful Meditation on food, eating, and your magnificent body

Week 2: Surrender

  • Play with reframes
  • Gratitude/wins list
  • Mindful meal
  • Food journal

Media referenced

Choose You Now Podcast: DeVon Franklin: How to Live Free

Choose You Now Podcast: Catherine Linard: Ground, Root, and Center to Feel Safe, Good, and Loved

How to Change Resistance to Flow by Deepak Chopra, MD, FACP, FRCP [article]

Exercises to Create Presence [YouTube video]

Reframe Your Brain by Scott Adams [book]

Manifest Now by Idil Ahmed [book]

Week 3: Savoring

  • Think about things you enjoy in your life right now
  • Savor – something not food
  • Experiences: present meal, nature, hunger/satiety, massage/touch, music/sound
  • Hunger/satiety scale
  • Gratitude
  • Emotional to-do lists

Week 4: Stand

upcoming on January 29