3 random things

  1. How much do you know about opossums? I know this might seem kind of odd at first but check out this PBS video made by a wildlife filmmaker Alex Goetz. (It’s only 3m 16s. You can make the time.)

  2. The words we use have a very powerful effect on us. I read How a Password Changed My Life several years ago. In 2015 I implemented my own version of the concept which was the impetus of a 100 pound weight loss journey for me that year.

  3. have you check out Window-Swap.com lately? It gives a random glimpse out someone’s window around the world. In August I stumbled onto a view of badgers eating in the evening in Halesowen, England. Yes, seriously! If you have an unused webcam lying around, I think you can sign up to give someone a look outside of your window if you’re so inclined.