Dig if you will the picture

Many of us tend to live our lives with a lot of “things that need to happen before I am satisfied” conditions. There can be a variety of things such as getting a new car, or bigger house, or new outfit or shoes, or cleaning up that mess in the basement / garage / guest room, or quitting the smoking / drinking / over eating habit, or finding the right man or woman, or finishing school, or a better job, or paying off the credit card… Well you get the idea. 

I would contend that for many of us there is quite a list. And what we might not really realize is that by the time these conditions are met, we will have found new items that have been added to the list.

Here is an thought, act like these conditions have already been achieved. Imagine that you already have the things you want. How does it make you feel? Imagine it. Feel the feelings of having it. For material things, you may want to develop a specific plan to get the thing you desire. Realize though, generally, we are really chasing the feeling we get from having that thing.

More importantly, act how you think the person that has achieved those goals would act. If you wish you were a vegetarian, when you are choosing a food ask yourself what would a vegetarian eat. Choose that food. If you wish you didn’t smoke, play the role of a non-smoker. Do what they would do instead. If you want to lose weight, every choice you make, make the choice a healthy person would make. Imagine what they would do and do it. If you wish your house was cleaner, imagine you have a clean house and take the actions that someone with a clean house would have. It is a subtle shift in thinking but can make a world of difference.

Play the role. Become a childlike for a moment and put every ounce of your new condition into that role. Feel it. Act as if things are already the way you want them to be. Before you know it, they will be.