Life – A Simple Man’s Rule Book

Common sense ideas that don’t seem very common



  • Listen when people talk. You’d be surprised what they tell you.
  • Hold the door open for the person behind you.
  • Remember tomorrow may never come.
  • Plan for the future but live in the moment.
  • Keep your passport current. You never know where the night may lead.
  • Truth is, appearance matters. The better you look the more opportunities come your way. It is your job to show your substance once your foot is in the door.
  • Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.
  • Celebrate often.
  • Books stimulate your mind. TV dulls it.
  • Confidence is key. If you don’t have it, act as if you do. No one will notice the difference.
  • A used Mercedes is still a Mercedes.
  • Your thoughts create your reality.
  • At least once in your life get a massage.
  • Write down your goals. You are more likely to achieve them.
  • Listen more than you speak.
  • You should act as if your every action affects 1,000 people for 1,000 years, because it does.
  • Never settle for less than what you want, but understand it may be a long time before you get it.
  • If you have to tell someone you are classy, odds are you really aren’t.
  • If you have more than four keys one your keychain, you live a scattered life.

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